Basic Algorithm Scripting - Boo who

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I passed the test but I am not sure why I couldn’t pass it when I did == but when I did === I did. I know triple === is strict but why didn’t it pass when argument was 1

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function booWho(bool) {
  if(bool === true || bool ===false){
    return true
    return false


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Challenge: Basic Algorithm Scripting - Boo who

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What result are you expecting? When the argument is 1, it returns false which seems correct.

When I put === it shouldn’t print true expect for those, everything else is false

Your code says when the argument is true or false, it will return true. Everything else, false.

When you use ==, 1 casts to true. That’s why.

If i understand your question correctly you are asking why is it that the value of 1 in the function booWho is considered true when using == and false when using ===. This would be because 1 can be considered as a boolean value meaning true and 0 is also able to be considered a boolean value of false but when you use strict equality (===) 1 will be read as the number one not the boolean expression of true

Javascript will consider everything with a “value” as “true,” basically, if you do the looser == comparison. Look at JavaScript Booleans for more information. You are basically trying to say, “if its either true or false, return true, else return false,” but you need the === so that the code doesn’t try to convert the type of all your variables to boolean before the test.

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