Basic Algorithm scripting discussion

How to become an expert on this topic. After doing all the previous task I feel like I learned nothing.
It starts intimidating me.

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They’re all just little, isolated puzzles that you can do and redo over and over in different ways. Some of them are really easy, some of them are hard, but they’re all just asking you to write a tiny little program that does one single specific thing. Just attack them, when you get stuck ask for help here, look up how other people have done similar problems, learn to get good at searching Google and Stack Overflow and JS documentation.

They’re to get you used to solving problems programmatically, and to get you used to how the language works. Find the simplest way to do one simple thing in the program, then generalise that so that it works for all the things the program expects.

It will be jump in difficulty from the introductory stuff because that was just the basics of the language, and you had your hand held throughout that. The introduction to the language isn’t complicated and doesn’t really ask anything of you. And the information it provides: most of that won’t have stuck because you aren’t actually asked to write any actual code: you’re just filling in blanks. But the introductory stuff contains all the information needed to do the algorithms section, you just need to put that information together into something real (which is hard).


The tasks in the curriculum are a great jumping-off point, they can get you started and help you to think about things in a “coding way.”

But (and this is nothing against FCC), this isn’t the ONLY place to learn. Check out books like Data Structures and Algorithms with Javascript, Learning Javascript Data Structures and Algorithms, things like that. Check out the FCC YouTube channel, as well as FunFunFunction. It may be that you learn better in a different way, whether by reading, by watching, or by doing.

For me, its a combination of them. I will often unwind by watching FunFunFunction, give my brain a break from reading so much. :wink:

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