Basic Algorithm Scripting: Mutations , good approach?

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hello everyone i dont know whats wrong with my script

or is my approach wrong ?

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  for (let i = 0 ; i < arr[1].length; i++){
   for (let p = 0 ; p < arr[0].length; p++){
     if (arr[1][i] == arr[0][p]) { if (i == arr[1].length - 1){
          return true;
   } else {return false }

mutation(["hello", "he"]);

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It’s an interesting approach and definitely could be made to work

There are some functions that can help you write this function more straightforwardly:

String.includes can tell you if a string is inside another string. Obviously you’re looking to check individual characters, rather than the whole string, but this can get rid of one of your loops by using this function

Don’t forget that capitalisation needs to not matter