Basic Algorithm Scripting: Mutations: "hello".includes("h", "e", "y") returns True?

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The code passes all the tests except for the first one which tests if all the characters from “hey” is inside “hello”. I tried to test it by doing

console.log("hello".includes("h", "e", "y"));

and this is evaluating to True… If I change the ordering around for “hey”, it returns false sometimes, but not always… Is this a bug?

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function mutation(arr) {
var lowerCase = => string.toLowerCase());
return lowerCase[0].includes(...lowerCase[1]);
console.log("hello".includes("h","e","y")); // Evaluates to True for some reason
console.log(mutation(["hello", "hey"]));
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Challenge: Mutations

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I think you’ll find the solution if you check the documentation for Array.prototype.includes:

(if a function is written to only process one argument, you can pass in as many as you like, the rest will just be ignored)

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This just isn’t how includes works

The additional arguments are not extra strings to check.

Doh, that is on me. I should’ve read up on the documentation again. Thank you.

Thank you! Didn’t realize it.