Basic Algorithm Scripting strugle

I mean wtf is this?
It broke me and my motivation.
Can somebody tell me is it wrong if in 16 lessons I wasn’t able to do anything correctly or even close to the solution of a problem? I just started with this but seeing this and Chinese letters to me it looks the same! I don t understand codes. It felt kind of easier in previous lessons but to combine all of it, it looks impossible. Did anyone felt same way in the beginning and do you start to understand these things in time?

Start with the first one and work through it as slowly as you need to. Don’t feel bad about reviewing previous challenges or asking for help. Focus on asking specific questions and describing what you do and don’t understand. Spending time on asking good questions is really important when it comes to working through problems.

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Actually I dropped out because of frustration at an earlier stage in the JS curriculum than you. :sweat_smile: Looking back, I wish I would have acted like you and asked a question on the forum, instead of wasting a bunch of time. And yes these are harder than the other exercises and you will understand them better with practice.
Just try the first exercise and when you get stuck, have read the hints (and done your due googling :wink: ) click “get help > ask for help” to create a question post with your code.

I am sorry about that, but if you think about it, if you would have known that these are much harder, your perspective would have been different. The first are really mostly learning syntax, but here you start to put together actual functionality and solving more complex problems.

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This is something my PI used to say back when I was trying to be a scientist.

You tend to have to do something 3 times before you get something. You do it wrong, you do it right, and you do it better, not necessarily in that order.

The truth is it usually takes more than 3 times. It takes lots and lots of failures and successes to truly learn something. When something seems easy, a lot of time it’s because you haven’t understood it at a deep enough level, and the same can be said when something seems hard.

You don’t know what you don’t know, and the only way to find out that you don’t know is to fail. It is normal to not understand, you’re never going to run out of things to not understand, either. Sometimes you forget things you used to understand, that’s normal, too.

The important is to keep trying and learn. There is a learning curve like anything else.

I don’t know if you ever played a souls game before, but it’s like that. No one beats the game on one try. It initially seems very difficult, everything is unfamiliar and could kill you, but as you die and retry, you learned the environment and the enemy, and you see the patterns and how to counter them until you finally make a smooth run through the level, and you get to do it all again with a new level.

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