Basic Algorithm Scripting

Is it normal to get stuck a lot on the Basic Algorithm Scripting, I’ve personally got through the JS course pretty easily till I’ve reached this point I’ve only managed to achieve one challenge on the Basic Algorithm Scripting, I’m not too certain what I can do to assist myself apart from going back through previous challenges, Is it normal to get stuck at this stage and how can I help myself solve these better?

It is perfectly normal to get stuck. For any problem where you get stuck, I’d open up a thread with your code, thoughts, and questions so far. That’s what we are here for!

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8 months is a really fast timeline. Other junior devs spend 4 years in college.

JavaScript is harder because you need to 1) understand the problem, 2) develop a plan to solve the problem, and 3) then start writing code that matches the plan. This is hard and takes a lot of practice to learn. I would start asking questions when you get stuck.

8 months is fast. During the summer, students often have internships or coursework. Also, the general coursework isn’t always immediately related to programming but helps the student offer a well developed range of skills that are attractive to employers. You have to compete with what those students can offer an employer.

It’s not uncommon for the job search alone to take 3-6 months.

You can aim for a fast timeline, but plan on it possibly taking longer than expected.

Cool, so long as you know that learning everything in 8 is much faster than most self taught devs do and have a plan if it takes closer to 1-2 years.

Have a goal and a backup plan.

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I’d move up CS50. It’s closer to the stuff in the first JS cert here on fCC

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Ahhh thanks! I will do CS50 right after fCC

Id put it in the middle of fCC, before Front End Development Libraries Cert. (Skip JQuery)

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Getting stuck is inevitable but getting stuck all the time means you should find a different approach the way you think about it. Mostly missing abstraction of the exercise.

However, I run debug my code it helps a lot to see step by step in real time what is happening. I use this but there are way many others:

Click on javascript and console buttons in the middle. Copy and paste your exercise and run what happens with any value. Remember to use console.log(); then, try another value and notice if it gives you the expected result. If not, go one step at a time.

I haven’t got stuck anymore it only takes more time reading and understanding the problem.

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