Basic CSS challenge stops working a

in the basic CSS section challenge number 24 Understand Absolute versus Relative Units, everytime I click on “run the tests” button the page stops working, I tried many times form two computers and same thing happens every time, every other challenge work just fine.

what’s your code? maybe there is something wrong there

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the highlighted line is what I added, and even if there was something wrong with the code, still that’s not the issue, because in other challenges when the code is incorrect you get a crossmark on the tasks that aren’t done correctly but what happens in this case is that the page just stops working, meaning nothing happens when you click on run the tests, no crossmarks no nothing and “//running tests” on the bottom right will be written forever, I can’t even modify the code or click anything once I hit ctrl+enter, I will have to refresh the page, but the same thing happens again

Hi crovexer.

So, you have typed 1,5em. Not 1.5em. This is breaking the webpage. Fix the comma to a period, and the test should pass.

Hope this helps.


it worked, thanks mate
I never thought that a mistype could break the page so I didn’t payed attention to the code
can’t believe this was a problem for over a week haha