Basic CSS. Facing problem in Parallax Effect

When i try to add parallax effect, you can see there is a white gap/bar just above the background photo. How can i fix that?
Should i continue writing code it will get fixed when i add the second part or i made a mistake.?

In the css file at the top of the file write this code :-

  • { margin: 0;padding: 0;}
    I hope this will solve your problem .

@DPSDR that block is present at the top , but still…
its showing that problem

Its hard to help without seeing any code.

We really can’t help you if all you post is an image, please post the code.

The less-than sign < that is at the start of the gap seems to suggest it might be something in the HTML, so I would suggest you check the HTML (validate it and make sure everything is opened and closed correctly).

You should also learn the dev tools so you can inspect the DOM.

Ok i figured it out… actually i wrote extra ‘<’ before meta tag…