Basic CSS learning module not accepting a correct solution

I am on step 19 of the Learn basic CSS by buiding a cafe menu.
Below is what the step calls for:

The text is centered again so the link to the CSS file is working. Add another style to the file that changes the background-color property to brown for the body element.
What I enter is:
body {
and the error I get is:
:heavy_multiplication_x: Sorry, your code does not pass. You’re getting there.


You should use a body selector.

Am I not using ‘body’ as the selector? I feel like I am right and the system is messed up… I even jumped ahead to the next few levels and copy and paste the correct answer (which is the same) and it gives me the same error. The background color does change to brown but somehow it is incorrect. This also happens on steps 20 and 22 where you go into css for style.

Any help??

Welcome there,

Do you have any browser extensions? If so, we recommend you disable them. Also, perhaps try a different browser, or, updating your browser to its latest version.

Without seeing all your code, there might be something else at play, but your code does look correct.

Hope this helps

Thank you so much! I switched to safari (i am on mac) and it worked! I have some extensions added to my chrome.

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