Basic CSS - Override Styles in Subsequent CSS

Hi i added the blue text into the body and also into the h1 it looks exactly like the help in the help video. When i run the test nothing clears i am not sure why. Thanks

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body {
  background-color: black;
  font-family: monospace;
  color: green;
.pink-text {
  color: pink;
.blue-text {
  color: blue;
<h1 ="pink-text blue-text">Hello World!</h1>
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Challenge: Basic CSS - Override Styles in Subsequent CSS

Link to the challenge:

refer to the instructions again to see this:
Applying multiple class attributes to a HTML element is done with a space between them like this:

class="class1 class2"

Then look at your code. Do you see the problem?

I got it to work i forgot to add class after h1 i was focusing to much on the body section

thanks for the quick reply

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