Basic HTML and HTML5: Comment Out

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It says my p element is not commented
out so that it is not visible on my page.
I did what I did to my h1 element to
my p element.

It also says each of my comments
are not closed with —> and all of
my comments are closed with a —>

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Hello World




Kitty ipsum dolor sit amet, shed everywhere shed everywhere stretching attack your ankles chase the red dot, hairball run catnip eat the grass sniff.


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make sure youre using the subtract symbol -- and not mdash

<!-- comment -->

type it with the keyboard. dont copy and paste

I did what you are telling me to do. I used the same <!— and the ending —> that I used for my h1 element for my p element. There is no way to copy on a 10.5 inch iPad Pro at all on I didn’t copy it and I used the onscreen keyboard on my 10.5 inch iPad Pro. Your comment is not helping me at all since I already did what you said to do. I need to figure out why <!— (less than symbol question mark two dashes is not working before my p element and why —> (two dashes greater than symbol put at the end of both of my h1 and p elements is not working at all.

well dont know what to tell yah

comments tag

I am using the subtract symbol. Your comment is not helping me at all. I even watched the video attached to this Lesson and followed it to a t and when I run test it keeps telling me my p element still needs to be commented out so it is not visible on my page and not all of my comments end with two subtract symbols one greater than symbol. Maybe there is a flaw in this lesson. Who do I contact to let them know about flaws in this lesson?

I wonder if doing on my 10.5 inch iPad Pro has anything to with this lesson not working at all.

I had to go to general under settings on my 10.5 inch iPad Pro and then keyboard and turn off predictive, because when smart punctuation was on, I was getting two different sized subtraction symbols and I didn’t know until I searched for this project and found another coder was having the same issue as me and they found out turning off predictive under keyboard which is under general which is found on the settings app on my 10.5 inch iPad Pro.

The issue is smart punctuation, if you switch that off I think you can keep predictive

I already figured out the solution on my own by searching for this project and finding another one similar to mine’s and that person found out he/she/they/it needed to turn off smart punctuation. Thanks for the help anyways.