Basic HTML and HTML5: Delete HTML Elements

“Our phone doesn’t have much vertical space.”

Perhaps ‘phone’ should read ‘page’ or ‘web page’ or similar?

@Rossi46 What is your problem?

I do not have a problem.

I am trying to explain that in the lesson:
Responsive Web Design Certification->Basic HTML and HTML5->Delete HTML elements, there is an error in the lesson’s text.

It reads: "Our phone doesn’t have much vertical space.” - which makes no sense in the context of the lesson or the markup.

The reference to ‘phone’ is erroneous.

Look at the screenshot below:

Hi @Rossi46!

I think it is just part of the problem description because the next sentence is this.

Let’s remove the unnecessary elements so we can start building our CatPhotoApp.

So, the problem is basically saying “Oh, we are creating a CatPhotoApp but we don’t have a lot of vertical space on our phone so let’s delete the h1 element and that will free up some space.”

It is just part of the narrative of “let’s create a CatPhotoApp using html” that runs through this whole first html section.

@ jwilkins.oboe

Ah yes I see! Thank you for the explanation and thank you for responding!