Basic HTML and HTML5 - Inform with the Paragraph Element

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So i was on level 3 and he told me to do that

Hello Paragraph

but when im typing that it keeps saying

Hello Absatz


Hello Absatz its auto correct can someone explaying who i can fix it copy and paste the asnwer doesnt work either i need help please.

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<h1>Hello World</h1>
<p>Hello </h2>

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Basic HTML and HTML5 - Inform with the Paragraph Element

Welcome to the forum @II-ITheMaunzi-II

 Step 3

The `p` element is used to create a paragraph of text on websites. Create a `p` element below your `h2` element and give it the following text:

`See more cat photos in our gallery.`

For step three you need to enter the text mentioned in the instructions.
The closing tag for the paragraph element is p not h2.

Happy coding

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Hi! In the question you were asked to create a paragraph element below the heading 2. So, you just have to create an opening and closing paragraph tag and write “Hello Paragraph” in it. You have to write it after the closing tag of heading 2. Your closing tag for paragraph is wrong. It should be <p> Hello Paragraph</p>.