Basic JavaScript: Appending Variables to Strings

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I’m am positive that this is the correct answer for the lesson, however I keep getting this message returned:

// running tests You should append




using the


operator. // tests completed

Please help

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// Change code below this line

var someAdjective = "amazing!";
var myStr = "Learning to code is ";
someAdjective += myStr;

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Challenge: Appending Variables to Strings

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someAdjective is now "amazing!Learning to code is "

myStr didn’t change

are you really sure that’s the correct answer?

I think I know what I did wrong. I placed the appendment in the wrong order. Thanks for replying, I would’ve gone crazy not seeing that.

Corret answer was:
var someAdjective = “amazing!”;
var myStr = "Learning to code is "
myStr += someAdjective;