Basic JavaScript - Chaining If Else Statements

Não consigo entender porque esta dando o erro de referência para o parâmetro num!

Alguém para explicar os acontece?

function testSize(num){
  // Only change code below this line
if(nun < 5){
  return "Tiny"
else if(num < 10){
  return "Smal";
else if(num < 15){
  return "Medium";
else if(num < 20){
  return "Large"
else(num >= 20)
  return "Huge";
  // Only change code above this line


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Challenge: Basic JavaScript - Chaining If Else Statements

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This is your problem.

if (condition1) {
} else if (condition2) {
} else if (condition3) {
. . .
} else {

In what way is the example else different from yours?


if(nun < 5){

I think you meant num, right?

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