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Challenge: Basic JavaScript - Comment Your JavaScript Code

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I want to learn JavaScript, how do I find my bbc code? I am beginner, please help me.

I want to know the learning process. I am new in learning online. Please help me.

I want to learn JavaScript courses thoroughly. Is it possible for me?

Welcome Rsm.

do you have any experience with programming and/ or programming languages?

No sir, I am new, please guide me how I start

In this case start with the HTML and CSS courses before you go into JavaScript.

I also started this year and I can tell learning your first computer language is hard, very hard, but not impossible.

But best first start with HTML und CSS. There you will learn how to use things like an editor and the first levels of abstract thinking you’ll need for programming.

Best of luck!

Thank you sir, but how I will start this course, what will be the procedure to join the course , will you teach me? I am 46 years old, but I believe I must learn. Could you help me?

Start with the HTML and CSS course. Go here:

Create an account and start at the beginning. You work at your own pace. Ask us if you get stuck.

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