Basic JavaScript - Compound Assignment With Augmented Addition

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I DONT EVEN KNOW WHAT TO SAY…well i dont know what i have to do…? where do i put += ? java script is confusing for me i hope i grasp the concept soon In Sha Allah! Please somebody help may Allah guide you all. Aaam

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let a = 3;
let b = 17;
let c = 12;

// Only change code below this line
a = a + 12;
b = 9 + b;
c = c + 7;

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Challenge: Basic JavaScript - Compound Assignment With Augmented Addition

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In JS (and a lot of languages),

x = x + 2;

can be written as

x += 2;

So, if you have

a = a + 12;

how would you change that?

That may raise the question - Why have two ways to do the same thing?

Well, it’s a holdover from assembler, writing in machine code. There was a separate operation to add a number to an existing variable that was faster and used less memory and fewer commands. In a modern languages, that isa convenience. If the number you are adding is 1, there is a third way:

x = x + 1;
x += 1;

Those all do the same thing. In a modern language, I don’t know that there is any great advantage other than it is subjectively cleaner. It looks odd at first, but you get used to it.

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you have to remove the variables(a,b,c) and the + after the equal sign and change the the equal sign with +=

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