Basic JavaScript - Concatenating Strings with Plus Operator

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I am being told to ’ Build myStr from the strings This is the start. and This is the end. using the + operator. Be sure to include a space between the two strings.’ Which I believe I did but the only test that isn’t passing is ’ Failed:myStr should have a value of the string This is the start. This is the end.

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const myStr = "This is the start. " + "This is the end. ";   // Change this line

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Challenge: Basic JavaScript - Concatenating Strings with Plus Operator

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Double check extra spaces, it needs to be exactly the same

You have such a nice string there:

"This is the start. " + "This is the end. "

Transform this programmatic formulation (2 partial strings concatinated with a PLUS-Operater (“+”) into normal written language . Like so:

"This is the start. This is..."

(You need to finish that yourself, OK?)

It is better to use fixed width font like “Courier New” to see the issue…

These things are difficult to detect, especially blindwriting with ten fingers, and your muscle memory kicks in :wink:

you can use array on this like this or to put some space on the middle you can use + " "

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Thank you so much!! It worked :slight_smile:

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