Basic JavaScript - Constructing Strings with Variables

The result shows " You should use two + operators to build myStr with myName inside it."

I don’t get it. Don’t I use two “+” already?

Thank you for helping in advance.

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// Only change code below this line
const myName = "Will";
const myStr = "My name is " + "myName" + " and I am well!";

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Challenge: Basic JavaScript - Constructing Strings with Variables

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It may be the spaces you are putting before the quotes that are throwing the tests off

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Take another look at the example. The myName variable should be used in myStr to include the actual value of the string. Not to make it “My name is myName and I am well!”

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I still don’t get it.
I define variable myName already.
Then I follow the insturction, use “+” operator to combine those string.

The insruction is " Set myName to a string equal to your name and build myStr with myName between the strings My name is and and I am well!"

So I set Variable myName=“Will”

and set Vairable myStr = “My name is " + “myName” + " and I am well!”

Where did I misunderstand the insruction? Need help please.

Thank you everybody.

I found out the bug.

I don’t need to " " the variable, which I “” myName variable in my myStr.

yeah didnt notice that

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