Basic JavaScript - Counting Cards

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The code refuses to accept anything except if (count <= 0){then return etc}
Also I am pretty sure it would not accept the video solution as I have not been able to get that one to show anything decent on screen.
I have solved it but it is awkward finding correct responses fail. I only was rejected on the 10,“J”,“Q”,“K”,“A” = -5 despite having count – or count -= 1 for the above reason which makes it hard to believe more of the teaching

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let count = 0;

function cc(card) {
 // Only change code below this line
let answer;
 case 2:
 case 3:
 case 4:
 case 5:
 case 6:
 case 7:
 case 8:
 case 9:
 case 10:
 case 'J':
 case 'Q':
 case 'K':
 case 'A':
 count = count-1;  

if (count <=0 ){
  return count + " Hold" ;
 return count + " Bet";

/*After you’ve counted the cards, use an if statement to check the value of count. Also, make sure your return has a space between the number and the string.*/
 // Only change code above this line

cc(2); cc(3); cc(7); cc('K'); cc('A');
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Challenge: Basic JavaScript - Counting Cards

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when i try to run your code, all of the tests seem to pass for me. Try running this on another browser if this problem continues.

This could be a problem in some browser instances:

count = count-1;

Try to see what the devtools logs look like
Why not to use the same way you did with count++?

I am also stuck here. I think you need to add the return function to scale through

I doubt it. That is a fundamental piece of Javascript syntax.

We can’t comment on code that you think should pass unless you show us the code. There are many ways to write a valid solution.

I had alternative manners of saying this which seemed to be the reason the code didn’t pass. If I recall like using || maybe &&, an else statement. I think these others would have worked too is what I mean yet were rejected.

thanks, I suppose it is very easy for me to mix up global and local variables at the moment., for instance.

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