Basic JavaScript - Declare JavaScript Variables

Hi this is the second test on basic javascript I am sure that i put the code the same as in the help video it doesn’t seem to work. I also tried looking at the hint which is var ourname; that didn’t work either. Just wondering what i entered wrong thanks

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var ourname = "yourname";

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Challenge: Basic JavaScript - Declare JavaScript Variables

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the challenge:
’ Use the var keyword to create a variable called myName
So you should create variable called myName and no need to give any value

the name of that var should be written in camelCase.
It starts with minorCaseletter and every further word is written in majorCase like:
your code: ```

var ourname = "yourname";

so i don’t need anything after the equal just the var ourName;

does only YourName need to be written that way or both OurName and YourName

the name of varibale they want is myName not ourName
but yes your syntax is correct

hi there,
to create a variable, you do not need to set an equal.
just write the var before the variable name.
If you you follow the instructions you will take the names exactly as they are offered by the instruction…
Developers set them in camelCase for better readability.

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