Basic JavaScript - Declare JavaScript Variables

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it keeps telling me to declare variable with var and use semicolon at the end. I am doing that. I even do exactly like the hint said and it is still telling me I am wrong. I even typed var ourname; just like the example.

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//var myname; = "robert"

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Challenge: Basic JavaScript - Declare JavaScript Variables

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Hey, you have declared a string variable. You need to create a variable that is not assigned to any value. While creating the variable, consider camelCase.

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If you use the example in the lesson and just do your code with the instruction variable, you will pass.
Like you, when I completed this at first, I went that extra step.

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in the beginning, I did use the example as it was written precisely. var ourname; and it said the same thing. I then went online to see how others did it and that is when I did what you see there.

Fixed it. It helps if i read more closely . it said i had to use “myName” as the variable but i messed up when i saw use the example above part lol.

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