Basic JavaScript - Declare String Variables I cannot understand all the concept of message

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var myName ="myFirstName";
var myName ="myLastName";

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Challenge: {{challengeTitle}} Basic JavaScript - Declare String Variables

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the objective of this challenge is to create 2 variables.
these variables are called myFirstName and myLastName. To these variables you should give the value of your own first and last names as strings. Check the given example. The first one is how a variable is declared. But it can be declared as in the second example and assigned a value, initializing it.
Hope this helps.

Let me give a simple example:

var myFirstName = “Giulius”;
var myLastName = “Caesar”;

What does this mean? I have created two variables (var) with the arguments myFirstName and myLastName. What is written in inverted commas (‘’) is the description inside my variables:

var myFirstName = “Foo”;
var myLastName = ‘Mickey Mouse’;

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Thanks I have got it

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