Basic JavaScript declare string variables

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I can’t see what im doing wrong here, the string does contain atleast one character?

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// running tests

myFirstName should be a string with at least one character in it.

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var myFirstname = "Anna";

var myLastname = "Svensson";

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Challenge: Declare String Variables

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Take a closer look at the expected capitalization of the variables.

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already tried it :
var myFirstname = “anna”;

var myLastname = “svensson”;

Get the same error

myFirstname = myFirst_ame ?

I also tried:

var myFirstname;

myFirstname = “anna”;

var myLastname;

myLastname = “svensson”;

look up camel case on a searchEngine


myFirstName = “anna”;

myLastName = “svensson”;

There should be no reason why this isn’t a string though?

oh I see haha! solved it now. Thanks ! :slight_smile:


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