Basic JavaScript - Declare String Variables

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var myfirstname;
var myfirstname = "peterlee";
var mylastname;
var mylastname = "nyongesa";

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Challenge: Basic JavaScript - Declare String Variables

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Note that code is often case-sensitive. In this instance, myfirstname is not the same as myFirstName.

The naming convention is not followed we always use camelCases when naming our variables eg

var iAmBetter = " "; 
var sheIsSad = " ";

Then Only one variable is needed for each of the two new strings and should be a string with at least one character in it.

The naming convention is not followed it should be in camelCases. It is a good coding practice that should be followed for easy readability and code format.

You violated the cammelCase convention here, unfortunately

var iAmBetter

But CammelCase starts with a lowercase letter?

Check the 1st post i replied to sorry I didn’t update to your reply