Basic JavaScript - Escape Sequences in Strings

why you whould use such a thing ?

what is a carriage return ?
whats tab ?
whats word boundary ?
whats form feed ?

why whould you use somting like that ?

whats the point of comming up with things that we don’t have a clue of what they are talking about without even explaining what it is , without knowing why it shoud le used for ?

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const myStr =  "FirstLine

\t SecondLine

\tThirdLine"; // Change this line
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Challenge: Basic JavaScript - Escape Sequences in Strings

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Whenever you come across terminology that you do not understand, you always have the option of using a search engine like Google to look it up.

You will probably use backslahes, newlines, tabs the most often. The challenge is just giving you example of other types of character than require escaping to display properly.