Basic JavaScript - Escape Sequences in Strings

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const myStr = ""; // Change this line

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Challenge: Basic JavaScript - Escape Sequences in Strings

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The text FirstLine should be followed by the code for newline, tab, and backslash.

The text SecondLine should be followed by the code for newline.

The text ThirdLine should just be at the end of the string.

It should be one big string all connected with no spaces.


const myStr = "\tProduct\nPizza\tPrice\t10\\$";
Pizza	Price	10\$

Sorry, not sure if we’re on the same page here :o

Here’s what I find in the challenge:


Let me put it differently:


[LITERALLY] of course means, that the following character is to be taken as such (literally) and not interpreted as a control character, or as they say in the trade, the character needs to be escaped.

So, what character do you use in JS to replace the “[LITERALLY]”?

Or in one single line:


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