Basic JavaScript - Find the Length of a String

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The letter “L” in my laptop seems to be causing me trouble, I wrote exactly the same line of coding but when I write the solution myself doesn´t work and the “L” shows up un

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lastNameLenght = lastName.lenght;

// Setup
let lastNameLength = 0;
const lastName = "Lovelace";

// Only change code below this line
lastNameLength = lastName.length;

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Challenge: Basic JavaScript - Find the Length of a String

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hi there, can you rephrase the question? I didn’t understand it.

Do you mean that the “l” is underlined, like this:
You may also see ReferenceError: lastNameLenght is not defined in the console window at the bottom.

That happens when the interpreter is trying to warn you that you may have misspelled something. Take a closer look at how you spelled “length” in lastNameLength and lastName.length in the image above.