Basic JavaScript - Finding a Remainder in JavaScript

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Hello! I am taking the Basic JavaScript course and I have been trying to find this solution for over an hour now. I have watched the video multiple times and looked at all of the hints and I have tried using all of the different suggestions people are giving in the hint section. I am still greatly confused and struggling a lot! Please explain it to me and help me figure out the answer! Thank you!

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const remainder = 0;

2 % 11;

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Challenge: Basic JavaScript - Finding a Remainder in JavaScript

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You changed this to use const so you won’t be able to change the value of remainder. Change it back to var or let.

This line does execute the statement but doesn’t do anything with the result, so it is basically not doing anything. Also, it is not doing what the instructions asked, which is:

“Set remainder equal to the remainder of 11 divided by 3 using the remainder (%) operator.”

So you should be using the numbers 11 and 3 with the % operator. And then you need to set remainder to the result of that operation. You can do this all in one line. Originally the line is:

var remainder;

Just set remainder to the result of the operation.

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you want to see remainder of “2/11” for this you must do like followin
let a = 2%11; //this line will divide 2 by 11 and store the remainder in variable a.
console.log(a); // this line will print the value stored in a i.e. remainder of 2/11.

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