Basic JavaScript - Finding a Remainder in JavaScript

Hi guys,

I would appreciate any help for this one. I literally didn´t understand the explanation and the exercise neither.

Thank you in advance.

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const remainder = 0;
var remainder = 11 % 2;

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Challenge: Basic JavaScript - Finding a Remainder in JavaScript

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Hi, @tatianx! I’ll try to assist you on this one. When you use the remainder symbol, you are making a division of the two terms, but instead of returning the result of the division, you are returning its remainder. If you divide 11 by 2, you get 5 (2x5 = 10) and the remainder is 1 (2x5 = 10 + the remainder 1 = 11).

To complete this challenge, you have to replace the 0 in that line by the calculation. I hope this helps.

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