Basic Javascript: first timer

I feel like i cruised through the Responsive Web Design Certificate, but i’m about 35 exercises into the basic Javascript exercises and i’m constantly having to search for the video that shows me how to do it.
Is this bad? What would be the recommended thing to do?
I know that even full fledged developers are basically professional googlers… so is what i’m doing considered fine? Or should I stare at the screen until i figure it out? This gets frustrating.
Just sort of stuck I guess.

Hello and welcome to the forum!

Since you’re starting out, of course, you should not stare into the screen. But you should really read everything that is being told on the exercise carefully. Your goal right now is to understand how everything works in this world of programming I think that you will find yourself reviewing most of the lessons until you really get it because it’s all about the repetition. Practice and practice and more practice. If you think you didn’t understand the explanation, go watch other videos, other explanations on the subject/syntax you’re learning. Right now is all about reading and seeing everything that you can, until you really understand it.

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thank you for the quick response. Over the past 8 years or so, i keep coming back to learning how to code, but i’ve always ended up getting frustrated and burnt out… but I have recently surrounded myself with a handful of people who are where i want to be. I talk with them daily and show them my progress.
This javascript step is just somethin i’m not accustomed to yet. I’ll get it down though in due time.
I think i’ll go through this the first time with the videos, then repeat it to the best of my abilities without help. until i got it down.
Don’t wanna get to the Project section and then be clueless.

Yup, that happens a lot. Don’t be to hard on yourself, remember that this takes time to learn, it’s not a day to night thing.
Remember that we’re all on the same road, just in different points. Also, don’t overwork, it’s important to take breaks, to get away from the computer when you get stuck so you don’t get frustrated and quit again. Take care of yourself, be patient and work in your own time, and everything adds up.

Good luck! :grinning:


As you can see, I first tried FCC in 2016. Before that, I started to learn Java, PHP, C++. I gave up all those times because I felt overwhelmed and confused. This year I came back and I am sure I’m in the right path and its because I know what I want to achieve. I’ve never been this far :slight_smile:

Learning is hard and learning something completely new is even harder. Don’t be too hard on yourself and look for different sources of information. If you are confused with FCC, Google new perspectives or look for some YouTube videos on the subject you are trying to understand (this strategy is my favorite!)

Also, try to read a book about JavaScript, I guarantee you’ll feel more confident after understanding the basic concepts.

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