Basic JavaScript - Golf Code

Hello, can anybody explain me why my code does not work?

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const names = ["Hole-in-one!", "Eagle", "Birdie", "Par", "Bogey", "Double Bogey", "Go Home!"];

function golfScore(par, strokes) {
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if (strokes = 1){
return "Hole-in-one!";
else if (strokes <= par - 2){
return "Eagle";
else if (strokes == par - 1){
return "Birdie";
else if (strokes == par){
return "Par";
else if (strokes == par +1){
return "Bogey";
else if (strokes == par + 2){
return "Double Bogey";
return "Go Home!";

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golfScore(5, 4);
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Challenge: Basic JavaScript - Golf Code

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Hello, can anybody explain me why my code does not work?


look at the first line of your code, you accidently assigned something instead of setting it to equal :wink:

Thank you. Such a stupid misteake and was struggling with this for over 30 minutes.

Yeah, get used to it. A good chunk of coding is glaring at the computer, wondering why it isn’t working when you “know” it should. And then you find out it was your mistake.

As you get more experienced, you’ll get better at finding them and liners will catch some of them. But they never go away completely.

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