Basic JavaScript - Golf Code

I am done with the code, everything checked except the last two challenges, I have tried everything I can but the console keeps coming back like this // running tests

golfScore(4, 7)

should return the string

Go Home!
golfScore(5, 9)

should return the string

Go Home!

// tests completed

const names = ["Hole-in-one!", "Eagle", "Birdie", "Par", "Bogey", "Double Bogey", "Go Home!"];

function golfScore(par, strokes) {
  // Only change code below this line
if (strokes == 1){
  return "Hole-in-one!"
  else if (strokes <=par -2) {
  return "Eagle"
else if (strokes === par-1){
  return "Birdie"
else if (strokes === par){
  return "Par"
else if(strokes === par + 1){
  return "Bogey"
else if(strokes === par + 2){
  return "Double Bogey"
 else {
  return "Go Home";

  // Only change code above this line
golfScore(4, 7);

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Challenge: Basic JavaScript - Golf Code

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Hello, you forgot the ! on “Go Home”. Happy coding :grinning:

Lol, Thanks it was eating me up

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