Basic JavaScript - Initializing Variables with the Assignment Operator

I am having trouble with figuring out what I am doing wrong. I thought I did it right, but it doesn’t seem like this is the right order. Can someone please help me with this code?
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var a = 9; 
var 9 = a; // this is qual to a

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Challenge: Basic JavaScript - Initializing Variables with the Assignment Operator

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You did it correctly the first time with the var a =
I just redid it on my computer and my extension was causing issues so the system did not recognize it. This could be your issue. I needed to disable my extension. Then it recognized it. Some browsers will not work correctly either, sometimes.
You are doing great! Happy Coding!

You dont need the code below

var 9 = a;

The directions just tell you " Define a variable a with var and initialize it to a value of 9" So you only need the first line

Also, keep in mind that starting a variable with a number is invalid

I should have stated that, too, I guess. Thanks for clarifying my response.

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