Basic JavaScript - Manipulate Arrays With shift Method

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The code is fine, I think it’s just the tests that are failing b/c the array string uses single quotes instead of double quotes.

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// Setup
const myArray = [['John', 23], ['dog', 3]];

// Only change code below this line

let removedFromArray = myArray.shift();

//Lesson fails b/c of single quotes?? lame!


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Challenge: Basic JavaScript - Manipulate Arrays With shift Method

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This should be removedFromMyArray.

Always use copy/paste if available. It will spare you from typos like this.

Your variable needs to be named removedFromMyArray

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Just as an aside, it seems odd you reached your conclusion without testing it. If you had tested it you would have known that replacing the quote types wouldn’t have made the challenge pass.

Always test your assumptions about your code, they will often be wrong.

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Yep, good point. Thanks for the reply.

Note - its usually a bad idea to ignore these comments here. Changing between single/double quotes is benign, but other changes might not be so benign.

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