Basic JavaScript not very clear with concepts

I am almost done with basic JavaScript. I could understand the concepts, but I not comfortable with many things I learnt here. Do you suggest me to go through all this again or refer any other resources to make my concepts more clear?

play with the concepts

example, make an array of numbers, sum together the even numbers, multiply together the odd ones, and substract the two numbers at the end

codewars, if you stick with 8th/7th kyu can also be a source of practice

or just go forward

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Hi @agrawalparul2!

The reason why it is called Basic Javascript is because it is supposed give you a basic foundation to start from.

There will never be a class called the complete foundation for total understanding in javascript.

You will only strengthen your skills by practicing coding challenges and building projects involving javascript.

You could start with small stuff like building quizzes or to do list and build from there. Or you could go back through your responsive design projects and add a new feature with javascript.

Here are some good resources to practice coding challenges.

Hope that helps!

thanks will try codewars

Thanks. Will practice it on these forums.

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I should attempt these challenges after reading entire Java Algorithms and data structure or can I even start with challenges just after basic JavaScript?I might sound silly asking this. But I am confused and want to make sure I take correct path.

You can start with the basic leetcode and codewars challenges now.

Even the javascriptmas has started off with basic problems so far.

There is no wrong path. Just keep practicing.