Basic Javascript Record Collection object property value id

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when looking at this massive object, how am I supposed to know which information is the ID, the property, and the value, just by looking at it?

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// Setup
var collection = {
2548: {
  albumTitle: 'Slippery When Wet',
  artist: 'Bon Jovi',
  tracks: ['Let It Rock', 'You Give Love a Bad Name']
2468: {
  albumTitle: '1999',
  artist: 'Prince',
  tracks: ['1999', 'Little Red Corvette']
1245: {
  artist: 'Robert Palmer',
  tracks: []
5439: {
  albumTitle: 'ABBA Gold'

// Only change code below this line
function updateRecords(object, id, prop, value) {
if property = []
return object;

updateRecords(collection, 5439, 'artist', 'ABBA');

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Challenge: Record Collection

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the challenge description explain how the object is made:

You are given a JSON object representing a part of your musical album collection. Each album has a unique id number as its key and several other properties. Not all albums have complete information.

the key for each album is a unique id number, and each album has several other properties

the function has 4 parameters:

you see some values that can be passed in in the function call in the editor:

and in then tests

careful that this is not correct JavaScript syntax