Basic JavaScript - Record Collection

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I can not understand the meaning of the code. What it means ? What i have to do ? What do they mean by Updating the record? explain What I have to do in this challenge.

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// Setup
const recordCollection = {
  2548: {
    albumTitle: 'Slippery When Wet',
    artist: 'Bon Jovi',
    tracks: ['Let It Rock', 'You Give Love a Bad Name']
  2468: {
    albumTitle: '1999',
    artist: 'Prince',
    tracks: ['1999', 'Little Red Corvette']
  1245: {
    artist: 'Robert Palmer',
    tracks: []
  5439: {
    albumTitle: 'ABBA Gold'

// Only change code below this line
function updateRecords(records, id, prop, value) 
  if (value === '')
    delete records[id][prop];
  else if (prop !== "tracks" && value !=='')
      records[id][prop] = value;
    else if (prop === "tracks" && value !=='')
      if (records[id].hasOwnProperty("tracks")=== false)
        records[id][prop] = '';


  return records;

updateRecords(recordCollection, 5439, 'artist', 'ABBA');

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Challenge: Basic JavaScript - Record Collection

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You seem to have just about figured it out… assuming that’s your code?
You’re trying to push values to a non-existent array though, which is why one of your tests is failing.

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So What Should I do?

If there is no array and you need there to be an array, you’ll need to create an array (instead of a string).

You wrote the rest of the code yourself right? What don’t you understand about the code?

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Yes , I Cannot Understand what i have to do with Value ? Whare should i assign it if Property is diffrent . So i deleted the value in first if statement then checked the Prop is tracks , if it is the value wil be assigned And if it’s not the value wont be assigned and Whare should I create That Array?

Explain Me with Code Please and thank you

I’m confused how you have successfully filled in the rest of the function if you don’t understand what you are doing?

If the property is ‘tracks’ and you have a value to insert into it but there is no ‘tracks’ property in the object, why are you creating an empty string?

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oh Its Dumb Mistake Of Mine Thank You Brother!

Actually If you can please Explain What I have to Do in the Problem, Because the Code given here By Me its Copied For Reference, I Didn’t Code it Sorry :sweat_smile:

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