Basic JavaScript - Replace Loops using Recursion

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I’m trying to understand how the beginning of the return statement works in the example given for this lesson. I understand the second half is the array position being multiplied but is it being multiplied by the the two parameters of the multiply function?
To go into depth, if the I call the function multiply([1,2,3],3);
I read the return statement simplified as" return multiply([1,2,3], 2) * 3". what exactly is being multiplied by 3?

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function multiply(arr, n) {
   if (n <= 0) {
     return 1;
   } else {
     return multiply(arr, n - 1) * arr[n - 1];

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Challenge: Basic JavaScript - Replace Loops using Recursion

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Whatever the function call multiply([1,2,3], 2) returns will be multiplied by 3. That is a function call, and it will return a number.

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