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Hi, I think I am doing it right however for some reason it thinks it’s wrong.
Am I missing something?

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const myList = [["Bread", 2]["Milk", 3]["Cereal", 4]["Chicken", 6]["Eggs", 9]];

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Challenge: Basic JavaScript - Shopping List

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There’s one detail, that’s causing the issue.

Notice how the sub-arrays, ie. ["Bread", 2], have separated each element. Then look at the outer array (the one that’s supposed to contain sub-arrays) and how elements are separated.

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Just add a comma “,” after each subarray and it will work!

const myList = [
["Bread", 2],
["Milk", 3],
["Cereal", 4],
["Chicken", 6],
["Eggs", 9]
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