Basic JavaScript - Understanding Case Sensitivity in Variables

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what should i do
the question was:
Modify the existing declarations and assignments so their names use camelCase.
Do not create any new variables.

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// Variable declarations
var StUdLyCapVaR;
var properCamelCase;
var TitleCaseOver;

// Variable assignments
PRoperCAmelCAse = "A String";
tITLEcASEoVER = 9000;

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Challenge: Basic JavaScript - Understanding Case Sensitivity in Variables

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hey! camel case is a naming convention for giving names to variables in javascript.
if your variable name consists of many words like:


then it becomes a bit hard for your fellow developers to read and understand them so a better alternative is to start the first word with a lower case and then capitalize the first character of each word that comes after it.

for example:


this challenge expects you to change the variable names to camelCase. Hope this helps! :smile:

Thank you
i am okay with your explanation

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