Basic JavaScript - Updating Object Properties

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can i use console.log in this instance .

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// Setup
console.log (myDog)()
const myDog = {
  "name": "Coder",
  "legs": 4,
  "tails": 1,
  "friends": ["freeCodeCamp Campers"]

// Only change code below this line = "Happy Coder";

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Challenge: Basic JavaScript - Updating Object Properties

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Well, not like that

Syntax for function calls would be



func (thing)()

And if you fix that, then you’ve done


thing doesn’t exist at that point, because you don’t define what thing is until the next line. Code is evaluated top to bottom (with some caveats that can alter the order). So you can’t write some code that accesses something before you actually create the something you’re trying to access.

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