Basic JavaScript - Updating Object Properties

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i tried to answer and it did not work and even when i asked for a hint i litterlt copy pasted the answer and i still get the message: " // running tests You should not edit the


definition. // tests completed"

// Setup
var myDog = {
  name: "Coder",
  legs: 4,
  tails: 1,
  friends: ["freeCodeCamp Campers"]

// Only change code below this line. = "Happy Coder"; // Solution

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Challenge: Basic JavaScript - Updating Object Properties

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Look closely at the hint you are getting:

“You should not edit the myDog definition.”

You changed some things in that code. I would restart the challenge to get the original code back and then only add the line below the comment, do not change anything above it.

Hi there. Your solution is correct. But somehow the object keys (like nane, legs, etc) got changed so they are not in quotations. I would reset the code and just put in the answer, not changing anything above that. I hope this helps :slightly_smiling_face:

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