Basic JavaScript - Use Conditional Logic with If Statements

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function trueOrFalse(wasThatTrue) {
  // Only change code below this line
  return "Yes, that was true";
  return "No, that was false";


but after submit it show // running tests

trueOrFalse(false)  should return the string No, that was false

// tests completed

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Challenge: Basic JavaScript - Use Conditional Logic with If Statements

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You need to use the function parameter

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Hey ahbi, you are pretty close!


You want to check whether the argument that is being passed in equates to true or false. The function is the “machine” that does the checking, and the argument is what is being checked. when you call the trueOrFalse() function and pass in false, then it checks whether what is being passed in is true. its false so the first condition doesnt run, leaving the second one to be returned. Note that if(wasThatTrue){.
is the same as if (wasThatTrue === true){.

if it evaluates to truthey or falsey you dont need the explicit '=== true'

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Ah OK, I get it, sorry…

Use this code: trueOrFalse(wasThatTrue) {]