Basic JavaScript - Use Recursion to Create a Range of Numbers

man that was a bad experience to remember
this hole tutorial is a nightmare to get true
they didn’t tell a single time how to use it ,
or why it should be used for, or how it should be used.

i did like the tutorial on html and css.
i wanted to learn javascript to put into my html and css (learning it for 1 month).

can i use javascript in my html or css ? no …
can i creat an app or anything elst ? no…
can i use that in any way ? i don’t think so…
well they didn’t told me how to so ?

everyone say’s you have to practice after a tutorial…
how am i supposed to practice that without knowing what it even is .
do i have to go learn by heart every single line of code without knowing what it represents ?

i suppose i jump in another tutorial and get stuck in tutorial hell .
that sounds like a great idee.

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function rangeOfNumbers(startNum, endNum) {
return [];
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Challenge: Basic JavaScript - Use Recursion to Create a Range of Numbers

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Ya, learning JS isn’t easy. But you need to know the basics of the language before you can start using it to do cool things on a web page. Although I will agree that recursion is probably not something you really need to learn for web development. But it does help you understand how functions work. And it’s sort of a classic concept that everybody expects you to know as a programmer. For example, you could be asked about it in a job interview.

The Front End Development course will put your JS skills to use and you will eventually create apps. But you should really complete the Basic Javascript course first or you will probably struggle building the front end projects. If you want to skip these recursion challenges I don’t think that is going to be the worst thing in the world.

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Yeah , you are probably right .

i just wanted to get somthing done on my website realy basic things.
but i suppose you have to know the basics to get somthing done with it.

this tutorial is to long and there is to much information at once.
they had to divided more sections .

i did skip all the hard part that get you stuck for hours , day’s or months.
until you give up and never comes back , because that is wat happens.

pple get stuck into a wall that is impossible for them to resolve on their own.
they think they never gonna make it as a developer. and quit .
you have to skip them otherwise you never make it.

like the Record Collection or Profile lookup. (part of the tutorial)

it took me 2 days 12h a day to make it that far by skipping those and others.

i have 3000 line of code in a js file copy pasted from the tutorial to get back to it when needed or practice .

thats the good part :slight_smile:

Record Collection and Profile Lookup represent some pretty fundamental skills that are needed in manipulating complex data. Complex data structures are pretty natural in any mildly complex application.

Javascript is much more complicated than HTML or CSS. You really should expect it to take more than 2 days to know enough Javascript to be able to effectively use it. An intro to programming class usually takes a semester.

Tutorial hell is usually a term that means that you type whatever someone tells you to type without trying to solve any problems on your own.

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yeah but like you said , manipulationg complex data structures …
does it sounds like a basic beginners tutorial cours ?

its does sound like a big wall where you gonna spend 100 of hours until you give up.
look on youtube pple resolving those problems , some professionels years experience strugel on it .
they are saying thats it is a impossible task to resolve for noobs , a basic big wall .

do you think that it has it place in a noob tutorial ? or maby wait a bit longer before coming up with this ?
and even if you strugel on it and resolve it , whats is it good for ? you can’t use it anyway , because they didn’t told you why it is used for. and how to use it.

so yeah absolutely useless at this point.

the way to use JavaScript to spice up your web page (the simplest one, not much used in production) is through DOM manipulation. For which you need to know stuff like functions, arrays, objects, loops, methods…

So, yeah, the basics are pretty much needed to be able to use JavaScript in your html page.

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I think you are looking at some YouTubeers who are exaggerating for drama or views.

I would not expect a professional developer who has years of experience to struggle with the Record Collection or Profile Lookup challenges. Those are representative of professional tasks. A professional who cannot navigate nested data structures is a professional who is about to get fired for incompetence. I would not take advice from inept professionals.

I would not expect users to struggle on those challenges for hundreds of hours. These challenges are sometting that beginners can do. They definitely belong in a course for beginners. They represent fundamental skills.

If you are spending hundreds of hours on individual challenges, you are missing critical skills. It is possible that you bypassed learning those skills by copying answers from videos. It is possible that self directed learning isn’t a great learning mode for you. It is possible that a different course would work better for you. It’s impossible to say. But, spending hundreds of hours accomplishing nothing is not the way the course is designed. Programming languages like Javascript are critical for Web Development (and all development) but they are hard to get the hang of. It takes time to learn. But it is definitely a set of skills that beginners learn all the time.

The Profile Lookup should give you some ideas about what Javascript is useful for. Accessing and searching user data is a pretty basic functionality for a website. The projects provide other representative useful tasks. HTML and CSS control how static websites look. Javascript adds dynamic behavior in response to user behavior. Any website that is interactive uses Javascript.

If you are not interested in interactive websites, then you don’t need Javascript. But even something like making the Survey Form project communicate the user data to the server requires Javascript.

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lol yeah your probably right about those youtubers ^^
Your probably right for all of it ^^

I’am reviewing, and exercising with my copy pasting i did into a js file from the course/tutorial.

Could you give me a advice of what tutorial/course i should get into, so that i could do somthing with javascript into my html css once i get better at it ?

Do we actualy need a library to use javascript in web developement ?
or is it like a add on to help you out for web developement ?

Anyways thanks for your reply’s so far :slight_smile:

I was asking similar things, you may wanna look at the answer:

DOM is available in any browser, you don’t need anything more than your html css and js files linked together

there are libraries and frameworks, more used in production, that can be used to augment things, the third certification is about that

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