Basic JavaScript - Use the parseInt Function

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I have already passed the test and figured out what the answer is, but I have a question. What is going on with convertToInteger(“56”); ?

Also how would this be console.logged?

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function convertToInteger(str) {


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Challenge: Basic JavaScript - Use the parseInt Function

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That line calls the function named convertToInteger with the argument “56”. Your job is to make that function.

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Thanks for the hasty reply. I seem to have missed that the function was already declaring convertToInteger and I was expecting a var or a let or a const.

Any clue has to how this would be console.log? Or would that be giving away to much?

You can log anything by putting it inside the log function.


I see I was adding console.log(convertToInteger(str));

which was returning me with a str not defined message in the console. I got the console to work now. Thank you for your time and help.

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