Basic JavaScript: Word Blanks excercise

Okay guys I have noticed something,

function wordBlanks(myNoun, myAdjective, myVerb, myAdverb) {
  // Your code below this line
  var result = "";
  result+= "My "+myAdjective+" "+myNoun+" "+myVerb+" very "+myAdverb+".";

  // Your code above this line
  return result;

// Change the words here to test your function
wordBlanks("dog", "big", "ran", "quickly");

This is the answer for Word Blanks exercise but I cannot get the reason why we used += concentrating symbol?

That’s one answer to the challenge, but it’s not the cleanest one. You’re right that concatenating like that really isn’t necessary.

Are there other answers for this that you know?

There are any number of variations on this. The idea is to construct your own sentence.

You could do all of this in a single line of code if you just assign the string you created to result in the first line instead of initializing result to a blank string. That way, you could avoid using the += operator.

So insane! We have to encase the noun variables itself in quotes. Aarrggh!

No, you don’t.

var wordBlanks = “I wanted to hug Bella, the " + myAdjective + " " + myNoun + “, but she " + myVerb + " away really " + myAdverb +”.”;
I wanted to hug Bella, the big dog, but she ran away really quickly.

Watch out for spaces, Only the begining and the end do not have spaces the rest, before and after each word put space within the “” , also the period at the end without space between “.”
I hope this helps.