Basic JavaScript - Write Reusable JavaScript with Functions

Tell us what’s happening: I’ve been through the forums looking for the issue, rewatched the video multiple times also, I can’t seem to find the problem I’m having. It’s still saying that I need to incorporate all three problems. Can someone give some insight ?

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function reuseableFunction() {
  console.log("Hi World");


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Basic JavaScript - Write Reusable JavaScript with Functions

Hey @Ynotgetback,

Your code is written well, except for the name of the function. Pay close attention to the spelling of the word “reusable”.

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I figured it was a typo that’s always my downfall of my code failing, the mental note is there to always check my spelling just be scanning through it quick, thank you. Really appreciate it.

That is sound advice! I’m happy to help and happy coding ahead!

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