Basic JavaScript: Write Reusable JavaScript with FunctionsPassed

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Can get it to pass. I’ve even copied and pasted the hint solution and it still wont pass…

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// Example
function ourReusableFunction() {
console.log("Heyya, World");


// Only change code below this line
function reusableFunction() {
console.log("Hi World");

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Challenge: Write Reusable JavaScript with Functions

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What do the failing tests say? What are the different things you have tried?

So here are the failing tests -

// running tests reusableFunction should output “Hi World” to the dev console. You should call reusableFunction after you define it. // tests completed // console output Heyya, World

Cant see where I’m going wrong…

In the code you posted above, you do not call reusableFunction after you define it.

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Okay I’ve missed something previous here, not sure how to call it…

Read the instructions again. It tells you how to call/invoke a function.

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Lol… My bad, thanks.

passed now

Good job. Happy coding!