Basic js goes on forever!

Decided to brush up on Javascript by going through all the lessons, and omg the basic lessons seem to go on forever!

I’m just on to have a moan before my next group of ten :persevere:

What’s everyone’s moan for today?!:thinking:

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I feel you, some challenges here can just drag on.

I didn’t have one today. :wink:

Learning C# classes and it is a little bit abstract lol but not too hard so far :slight_smile:

Gl with JS I want to do it when I’m done with 1st certif too ^^

You must have something to moan about!?

I haven’t done C# or anything C really, so wouldn’t really know.

I’ve already done the JS course before, it’s been updated since so there’s a few lessons I haven’t done, and generally I’m refreshing my memory

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Meh. Both are programming languages anyways